Last summer, the Cayman Islands Red Cross (CIRC) partnered with Martyn Bould, to launch the "Climb for Red: Peak of Preparedness" campaign, which merged the CIRC hurricane preparedness efforts with Mr. Bould's big summer challenge: conquering Mt. Kilimajaro!

Mt. Kilimanjaro, which stands at 5,985 meters, is the tallest mountain in the African continent, and one of the largest volcanoes to break through the earth's crust. It lies in northern Tanzania, just south of the border with Kenya. The trek to the peak is a 7-day journey, which takes those who attempt it through tropical rainforests, Alpine moorlands, desert uplands, and icy glaciers. Those who make it to the top are treated to one of the most spectacular sights on earth. 

Mr. Bould, became familiar with the Red Cross movement following hurricanes Irma and Maria which devastated parts of the Eastern Caribbean, and was able to witness first-hand the response efforts of the Red Cross in the aftermath of these life-changing storms. 

"In light of the wonderful work that the Red Cross performs in the traumatic conditions following the passage of a hurricane, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for the CIRC appealed to me as a natural way to give back.

"I hope my journey brings awareness to the importance of hurricane preparedness and encourages the community to donate funds to the CIRC, thus enabling their disaster preparedness and response efforts and capabilities". 

To sponsor his climb and to make a donation, contact the Cayman Islands Red Cross: [email protected]  +1-345-949-6785 or directly to Butterfield bank account: 02-101-035054