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First Aid Coverage Lifeguarding and Basic Water Rescue
First Aid/CPR/AED Community and Corporate Training



First Aid Coverage

The Cayman Islands Red Cross offer first aid coverage at community events such as walk-a-thons, marathons, swim meets, sports days, parades, etc. First Aid trained volunteers are trained to respond to emergencies and provide immediate care until EMTs arrive on the scene.

Event organisers must formally request first aid coverage by completing this online form:

First Aid Coverage Request Form >.

The CIRC requires a minimum of 2 weeks notice prior to events to be able to accommodate requests.

First Aid/CPR/AED Community and Corporate Training

The CIRC offers first aid/cpr/aed training to the community and to corporations. The public training scheduled for community trainings are issued every quarter, and there are a minimum of two-weekday trainings (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings) and two-weekend trainings (full day Saturday).

Corporate or group trainings can also be scheduled by contacting the First Aid and Aquatics Training Manager directly.

A deposit is required for both individual and corporate trainings.

Book a training >

Lifeguarding and Basic Water Rescue

Furthermore, the CIRC has begun to offer Water Safety and Lifeguarding training to businesses in both the water sport and hospitality industries. With an increased demand for these skills, companies can adhere to safety policies and regulations by certifying their employees through our courses. 

For further information on training, or to get involved as a First Aid volunteer, please contact the Training Manager at [email protected]